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Vision, Values and Aims

‘Born curious, Stay curious’

At Springfield Primary School we are committed to ensuring our children achieve highly and fulfil their potential through the promotion of high standards and expectations in all we do and provide.

At Springfield Primary children will experience a rich, balanced and exciting curriculum designed to meet their academic, cultural and social needs.

Children will be given the tools needed to become lifelong learners and citizens of their local and the wider global community.

The curriculum we provide is underpinned by an extensive range of extra- curricular activities, enrichment opportunities and school trips that are available to all.

The extensive and unique school grounds provide a stimulating, fun and exciting environment for learning.

We will ensure we work in close partnership with our feeder secondary schools and pre-school settings to ensure children are well prepared for the next stage of their education and that transition is smooth.

Together our school community (staff, governors, parents and wider family members) will empower our children to be:

  • Self – confident – with high self-esteem and self – belief
  • Resilient – to be able to cope with failure, to adapt when things go wrong and be confident to take risks
  • Compassionate – to care and be mindful of others
  • Curious – to question, investigate and analyse
  • Healthy – in body and mind
  • Active and enthusiastic learners
  • Creative – to make, adapt and improve
  • Able to collaborate – working together as a team or with a partner
  • Able to communicate – with a range of people in a variety of  situations
  • Able to think – to problem solve and persevere.

Our success in this vision will build lifelong confident learners who have the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary for success in an ever changing world.

School Values and our 'Secrets to Success' Wheel

As a school we focus on ensuring out pupils develop the following values which the school council identified as being the most important for our pupils. The values are: belonging, perseverance, honesty, happiness, respect and friendship. Children are encouraged to demonstrate these values in school. 

We also use Chris Quigley's 'Secrets to Success' Wheel to encourage children to be successful in their learning. Aspects of the wheel are discussed with the children in class and in assemblies and a Purple Badge is awarded to pupils who demonstrate skills such as hard work, imagination, good concentration, perseverance, compassion and the willingness to try new things. We celebrate pupils being successful in our weekly celebration assembly. 

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