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Who's Who


Mrs East, Headteacher
Mr Godfrey, Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Cook, SENCo and Pupil Premium lead


Mrs Burgoyne, School Business Manager
Mrs Graves, Administrative Assistant
Mrs Kean, Caretaker

Pupil Support

Mrs Dowding, ELSA

Foundation Stage

Miss Bristow, Teacher of Owlets
Miss Collins, Teacher of Tawny Owls 
Miss Graves, Teacher of Snowy Owls
Mrs Behbahani PPA cover
Mrs Bridges Nursery Nurse 
Mrs Jardine Teaching Assistant (PT)
Miss Turner  Teaching Assistant (PT)
Miss L Burgoyne Teaching assistant 
Mrs Marshall Teaching Assistant
Ms Somerville Teaching Assistant
Ms MaCarthur Teaching Assistant (PT)

Years 5 & 6

Mrs Russell, Teacher of Buzzards
Miss Burgess, Teacher of Red Kites
Mrs Gough/Mr Godfrey, Teachers of Kestrels
Ms Andrews, Teaching Assistant
Mrs Bellingham, Teaching Assistant (PT)
Mrs Tabary, Teaching Assistant 
Miss Stevens, Teaching Assistant (PT)

YEars 1 & 2

Mrs Wright Teacher of Magpies
Mrs Bolton, Teacher of Robins
Mrs Summerfield, Teacher of Chaffinches
Mrs Behbahani PPA cover
Mrs McBride 
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Broderick, Teaching Assistant (PT)
Mrs Richards Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kean Teaching Assistant (PT)                        Miss Webb Teaching Assistant                              Mrs Stacey Teaching Assistant (PT)

Years 3 & 4

Mrs Mallins Teacher of Kingfishers
Mrs Cook / Miss Grant  Teachers of Swifts
Mrs Godfrey/Mr Godfrey Teachers of Starlings  Miss Brewer Teaching assistant
Mrs Measham  Teaching Assistant
Mrs Dowding Teaching Assistant
Mrs Hawley Teaching Assistant (PT)
Mrs Hopkins Teaching Assistant                            Miss Collins  Teaching Assistant (PT)

Lunchtime Staff

Ms Andrews, Mrs Measham, Mrs Smith, Mrs Will, Miss Webb, Mrs Kean, Mrs Marshall,  Mrs McBride, Ms Stevens, Mrs Stacey, Miss Collins

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