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School Governance

Governors are ordinary people who have an interest in the education of children and are prepared to volunteer to work alongside Headteacher and school staff to improve standards and learning experience for all the children at Springfield.

There are over 300,000 school governors in England serving more than 30,000 schools and they form the largest volunteer force in the country. Day to day management of the school is delegated to the Headteacher who, with colleagues, keeps governors fully informed about all aspects of the school.

Governing Body Membership

There are twelve members of the governing body, of whom the Headteacher is one. Members of staff elect a further staff governor. Two governors are elected by the parents of the school and seven governors are co-opted by the governing body. One governor is appointed by the Local Education Authority. Term of office is four years.

Headteacher – Mrs Sarah East

The Headteacher is an Ex-officio governor which means they are a member of the governing body by virtue of the position held in school and do not need to be elected.

Positions of responsibility: on all committees

Register of interests: Governor at Little Heath Secondary School. and related to PD East Decorating

Attendance 2021/22: 4/43 FGB committee   2/2 Welfare committee 6/6 Finance and Personnel committee 2/2  Curriculum committee  1/2 Pay Committee 


Kelly Bunker

Category of Governor: Parent

Elected by: Parents

Initial start date:: 07.04.22

Term of office 07-.04.22- 06.04.26

Positions of responsibility

Register of interests: None

Attendance 2021/22:  FGB  1/1

Steve Cox

Category of Governor: Local Authority

Appointed by: LA  and Full Governing Body

Initial start date: 15.02.12

Term of Office: 15.02.20 - 14.02.24

Positions of responsibility:  Chair of Finance and Personnel committee and Chair of Pay Committee,  

Register of interests: None

Steve brings a knowledge of business and finance to governors from his role as Relationship Director with a major bank. 

Attendance 2021/22:  3/4 FGB committee  6/6 Finance and Personnel committee   2/2 Pay Committee 


Dee Anderson

Category of Governor: Co-opted

Appointed by Full Governing Body

Initial start date: 11.07..18

Term of office: 11.07.18 - 10.07..22

Positions of responsibility:  Finance and Personnel Committee, 

Register of interests: Governor at Addington Special School

Dee brings experience of being a governor at another school. Her two sons have previously attended Springfield.

Attendance 2021/22:  2/4 FGB committee  3/6 Finance and Personnel committee 


Lucy Burgess

Category of Governor:: staff

Appointed by Staff at Springfield

Initial start date: 20.10.16

Term of office: 20.10.20- 19.10.24

Positions of responsibility: Welfare committee

Register of interests: None

Lucy is a welcomed addition to the FGB, bringing both knowledge of Springfield school and previous experience of being a staff governor at another school.

Attendance 2021/22: 4/4 FGB committee  2/2  Welfare committee

Alison Withers

Category of Governor: Co-opted

Appointed by Full Governing Body

Initial start date: 24.09.13

Term of office : 01.09.18-31.08.22

Positions of responsibility: Curriculum Committee,  Welfare Committee, Safeguarding Governor

Register of interests: None

Previous experience of another local primary school’s FGB and a good understanding of figures are skills that Alison brings to our FGB. At Springfield she is linked with the PE co-ordinator and Sports Premium. She had two children at Springfield.

Attendance 2021/22; 3/4 FGB committee  2/2 Welfare committee   2/2 Curriculum committee 


Jon Linz

Category of Governor: Co-opted

Appointed by Full Governing Body

Initial start date: 12.09.17

Term of office : 12.09.21 - 11.09.25

Positions of responsibility: Chair of  Welfare Committee

Register of interests: .None

Jon is an experienced secondary school teacher at Little Heath. He has experience of running school councils, student research projects and peer mentoring schemes. He is keen to support the pupils at Springfield in their persona, emotional and academic development.

Attendance 2021/22:  4/4 FGB committee  2/2 Welfare committee 

Jason Hearn-Phillips

Category of Governor: Co-opted

Appointed by Full Governing Body

Initial start date: 29.03.17

Term of office : 30.03.21-29.03.25

Positions of responsibility: Finance and Personnel Committee. Health and Safety Governor

Register of interests:: None

Jason has a long connection with the school, having two children who used to attend. He was also the chair of the PTA for four years.

Attendance 2021/22: 4/4 FGB Committee  5/6 Finance and Personnal Commitee 

Gisella Vignali

Category of Governor: Co-opted

Appointed by Full Governing Body

Initial start date: 23.09.14

Term of office : 23.09.18 -22.09..22

Positions of responsibility:    Chair of Curriculum committee, Pay committee,  Pupil Premium Governor

Register of interests: None

Gisella was Head of Sixth form at a Little Heath School and wanted a more direct role in helping a primary school improve its provision. At Springfield she is linked with humanities and EYFS

Attendance 2021/22:  4/4 FGB committee  2/2  Curriculum Committee   2/2 Pay Committee 


Kellie Young

Category of Governor: parent

Elected by parents

Initial start date:: 17.10.18

Term of office: 17.10.18 - 16.10..22

Positions of responsibility::  Welfare Committee

Register of interest: None

Kellie has one child at Springfield

Attendance 2021/22:  1/4 FGB committee  0/2 Welfare committee 

Zoe Willows

Category of Governor::co-opted

Appointed by Full Governing Body

Initial start date: 19.11.15

Term of office : 11.09.18 - 10.09.22

Positions of responsibilityChair of FGB,  Welfare committee, Curriculum committee, Inclusion governor

Register of interests: None

Zoe brings a strong training and organisational background to the FGB. She has one child at Springfield.

Attendance 2021/22:  3/4 FGB committee  2/2 Welfare committee 2/2  Curriculum committee 

Claire Warren

Category of Governor: co-opted

Appointed by Full Governing Body

Initial start date: 20.04.16

Term of office : 31.03.22-30.03.26

Positions of responsibility:  Vice chair of FGB, Curriculum committee

Register of interests: Director of SCW Organisation LTD

Claire brings  her knowledge of financial services to the FGB as well as strong organisationall skills. She has one child at Springfield

Attendance 2021/22:  4/43 FGB committee 2/2 Curriculum committee   2/2 Pay Committee 2/2 Finance Committee

Instrument of Government

Governor attendance 20/21

Springfield School Governors

Springfield Primary School Governors - declarations of interest

Governors Annual Report 2020-21

Governing Body Vision

Governors' Allowance Policy

FGB Scheme of Delegation

The approved minutes from the Full Governing Body Committee, Welfare committee, Finance and Personnel Committee, and Curriculum Committee can be obtained from the school office.

Please contact the Clerk,  Clare Graves on office@springfieldprimary.org or 0118 9421797


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