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Rhos-y-gwaliau 2017

Year 6 will be off on their latest adventure to North Wales on Sunday, 29th January.

We will let you know about our exciting activities through our group blogs and include some photos. We endeavour to take photos of all of the children throughout the week, completing a range of activities. However, only a small selection will appear on our blog. 


We had an excellent journey and arrived with plenty of time to unpack, make our beds and collect our kit for the week. After a delicious meal of fish and chips, we found our torches and headed up the hill behind the centre.  Fortunately the clouds cleared to give us a starry sky and a clear view of Bala below. After a hot chocolate, the children are all tucked up in bed ready for our adventures to begin tomorrow. 

Miss Burgess


The children are busy searching for missing socks and packing their bags so it is a whole group entry for today. 

All of the teams have completed the same activities - a hill trail and the zip wire. The hill trail involved working as a team to read a map and navigate their way back to Rhos. The instructors set them off in the right direction and watched from a distance to ensure that they were following the correct route. Unfortunately the weather was wet and windy which spoilt the lovely views and meant that they all appeared back at the centre resembling drowned rats! 

The other activity took place close to the centre and saw them bravely jumping over the edge and zipping over a river.

After yet another delicious meal of homemade soup, pizza, smoothies and birthday cake, the children are planning their final activity - the disco.

They have had a fantastic week and have been a pleasure to spend time with. See you back at school tomorrow afternoon.

The tired teachers!

Group A Blog

Day 1 -  Monday

Today group A went to the beach for rock scrambling. To get used to the climbing we had a challenge to see how well we could move along the rock without falling off – we were pretty good at it. After that we had to try and squeeze through a small hole in the rock which required lots of teamwork. After lunch, we had to follow the leader to make our way along the rock and across the sinking sand. Lots of us got stuck in the sand as we tried to move. We also had a go on the matrix where we had to run up the rocks and high five each other as we passed each other.  We showed some really good friendship and teamwork today. 

Day 2 - Tuesday

Group A were the first group to explore a slate mine. To get in we had to climb up a steep and narrow path up a mountainside. Walking into the mine was cold, wet and dark. We used our head torches to lead us along the old railway tracks. Some of us felt excited because it was a new experience. We stopped in a chamber which had been made by dynamite many years ago, to eat our lunch by candlelight. Later, we travelled across a flooded chamber on a dinghy. We enjoyed being part of a large group underground. 

Day 3 - Wednesday

We started today with a short drive to Bala Lake where we crossed a lake in canoes. Our canoes were tied together to make them more stable and we paddled hard to get to the other side. When we got there, we ate part of our lunch and started a fire to toast marshmallows. After that we went back in the canoes and paddled back to the beginning. This wasn't our only activity of the day - we had to go on a gorge walk.


When we reached the gorge, we scrambled across some slippery rocks to get to the shallow water. We kept going until we got to a fast flowing piece of water. To get across, we stood in a line and created a dam across the river. Unfortunately, we slipped and all of us fell in. It was cold but we managed to keep going. This was one of our favourite activities.

Day 4 - Thursday

Today was the most challenging that we have had - we climbed a MOUNTAIN! Before leaving we had to make sure that we had everything we needed including our walking boots. When we got there, we had a talk about climbing and Paul said that we've got to keep going and that if we sit down then acids build up in your muscles and you get stiff and achey.  We started climbing up bits of slate which were like stairs and there were ruined houses made out of slate. When we got to a certain point, we had a little bit of lunch to give us energy before we continued climbing. We worked well as a team to reach the summit - where we could see how far up we had come. Our whole team are really proud of what we have achieved today.


Group B Blog

Day 1 - Monday

Today we went canoeing and for a walk in the gorge. Carrying the canoe down to the lake was hard but we all worked together and were then ready to head on to the water. It took a while to get the hang of steering but we improved our teamwork and by the end were quite good at it.

When we did the gorge walk, the rocks were really slippery. We had to help each other make our way across the river lots of times, trying not to slip on the rocks. At the end, we got the chance to slide in. It was really cold and especially cold if you lost your wellies – which we did!

Day 2 - Tuesday

Today was an extremely challenging but rewarding day. We set off in the cloud and drizzle to climb our first mountain  - Moel Y Hydd. This mountain is 648m high and we did not just walk up a footpath. Instead, we climbed up rocks, scrambled over streams and headed into dense cloud. It wasn’t easy and we really had to encourage each other to keep going. Reaching the summit, we were proud and exhausted but we didn’t stay there long because of the wind and the rain. The quickest route down included sliding on our bottoms. We have mixed emotions about climbing a mountain again but we all feel that we have achieved something special.

Day 3 - Wednesday

What a beautiful day we have had! The sun shone brightly above the mountains and the sea. Our visit to the beach was unlike any beach trip we have ever had. We had to climb rocks, scramble along rocks and even go through rocks. For each of these we were set challenges which included blind-folded, 3-legged and one-armed climbing.  To achieve some of these we really had to work as a team. The best part was the Matrix - lots of climbing, sliding and running across a large slab of rock. We tried to stay dry but some of us managed to get damp and sandy when we had a backwards running race through the sinking sand. This has been a really great and we can't wait for tomorrow. 

Day 4 - Thursday

Today we visited a slate mine. Wearing head torches, belts and helmets, we made our way deep inside a mountain. Some of us were quite scared before we went in but it wasn't as scary as we had thought. Inside, we could stand up straight and the path was quite good. We followed the cart track along (which was covered in water) until we reached a flooded chamber. To get across we had to paddle an inflatable boat. We ate our lunch by candle light before turning off all lights and experiencing what pitch darkness is really like. Getting out was another challenge because we had to walk up another incline which had water flowing down it. When we reached the top we discovered that we were on top of the mountain, For some of us, this was our favourite activity. 


GRoup C blog

Day 1 - Monday

Group C went canoeing this morning. We were not naturals straight away at canoeing as we kept going round in circles! Once we had mastered going in a straight line we had a race across the lake. On the other side we had lunch and then made a fire to toast marshmallows on. After our success on the lake we went for a gorge walk. The water was deep and cold. Our boots got very full of water as we slipped over quite a few times. Lots of us got stuck at points in the deep water but overall it was a great day.

Day 2 - Tuesday

Group C also went up the mountain but we went a different way.  Our route started by walking along a road – easy. But then, our instructor told us to head up an old slate track. Obviously, a few of us fell over and were frightened that we might slip and fall further. The path then got harder as we climbed higher and higher. Gradually, the clouds began to get thicker and the visibility got poorer. At the top, it was really windy and we decided to have a quick photo and then head back down.  Today was a challenging and tiring but brilliant day. 

Day 3 - Wednesday

Today we explored a slate mine. As we entered the dark, mysterious mine, we were lined up along a stream. We had head torches and could see clearly. Inside the mine, we saw an old mine cart with some old pieces of equipment. We walked along a mine cart track which was flooded until we got to a flooded chamber. We couldn’t walk across this so we climbed into a boat and paddled into the darkness. Lunch was exciting – we had a candle lit lunch deep underground. After lunch, we turned off our head torches and the candles. Even after our eyes had adjusted to the darkness, we couldn’t see our hands in front of us. Getting out of the mine was slightly more challenging because we had to climb up a waterfall. Seeing daylight at the top was a relief.

Day 4 - Thursday

Today we ventured to the sea side to do rock scrambling but the tide was too high to start with. Instead, we began our day at the beach with a sand castle building competition. Once we got to the rocks we did some wall running (running across a rock at an angle), traversing (walking along a near vertical wall of rock) and team work activities, One of the best activities was using ropes to scramble up the rocks. 


GRoup D Blog

Day 1 - Monday

Today group D had to climb a mountain. We went up Moel-Y-Hydd which is 658m high. On the way up, we had to climb up the rocks and through a tunnel that had been dug through part of the mountain. It was really steep in places but the views were fantastic and we made it to the top as a team. To celebrate reaching the top we had a snowball fight. Some of us have really good shots! On the way down we got to slide down some of the slippery areas - it was great fun and we also had some boggy areas to walk through. Some of us lost our boots and ended up knee high in thick sticky mud. Today was tiring but great and we can’t wait for our next adventure.

Day 2 - Tuesday

Group D went rock scrambling today on the Welsh coast. First we had to use our mountain skills to clamber over rocks to get to the start. Once there we worked with partners to climb along the rocks and avoid stepping on the sand. The whole day was made up of lots of little challenges such as climbing sideways, running up the vortex and racing across the sand. We enjoyed our day and our new experiences.

Day 3 - Wednesday

Today was a cold day. The weather was milder but we were exposed because we went canoeing across Lake Bala, which is the longest lake in Wales. It was very tiring because we had to use lots of strength to paddle across. On the other side we lit a fire and toasted marshamallows - some of us managed to do seven layers. 

This was followed by..... the coldest activity. The gorge walk. We started by getting in a shallow part of the river but as we got further upstream, the water flowed faster and we had to cling on tighter to the rocks. Sometimes we had to walk along the stream, other  times we had to climb nad scramble over slippery rocks and fallen branches. This wasn't easy and some of us fell in and even managed to lose our wellies. None of us stayed dry because we all jumped in at the end. 

Today has been the coldest but the best!

Day 4 - Thursday

Today we went into a slate mine which was really really dark. Fortunately, we had head torches and helmets on. We climbed through a hole and walked towards the middle of the mountain following a cart track which was covered with water. Above us were stalactites hanging from the ceiling. We had an exciting lunch because it was candlelit! Then we blew out the candles and it was pitch black and you couldn't see a single thing, After lunch we got in a raft to cross over a flooded chamber which was very very deep. On the other side we explored the paths and clambered up some rocks to get to the next level. We used a map to figure out a route that led us to the exit. The best route took us up an incline which had water flowing down it. Today has been the darkest but one of the most exciting we have had.




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