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Oracy at Springfield

At Springfield we have been working with colleagues from Voice 21 in London and across Berkshire to develop an oracy rich curriculum.

We believe oracy is a powerful tool for learning by teaching pupils to become more effective speakers and listeners. 

Through high quality oracy activities pupils learn through talking and learn to talk for a range of purposes. The deliberate and systematic teaching of oracy across all phases and subjects supports out pupils to make progress in the 4 strands of oracy.

As a school we promote and encourage oracy through our everyday interactions. We teach oracy skills explicitly with pupils taking part in presentations, readings, drama and debates.

As a school we have agreed expectations for oracy including the use of discussion guidelines and sentence stems to facilitate conversations and debates. Using these, we aim for all pupils, to be able to confidently engage in a range of different types of talk in varying contexts and in front of different audiences. 

  1. The Four Strands of Oracy 
  2. Discussion guidelines
  3. Springfield Oracy progression
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